Academy Board Members

What is an "Academy Board"?

White Cliffs Primary College for the Arts is part of the Dover Federation for the Arts Multi-Academy Trust.

The Board of Trustees governs the Trust and delegates specific functions to local governance known as "Academy Boards." The Academy Board is made up of parent members and representatives of the Board of Trustees for the DFAMAT. Meetings are held three times a year and it is an opportunity to shape the way the College is run and feedback on views from the local community directly to the College.

  • Our current Chairman of the White Cliffs Academy Board is Mrs Una Mills.
  • The Chairman of Pebbles Nursery Academy Board is Mr Neil Castle.
  • Our current serving Parent members of the White Cliffs Academy Board are Katie Bryan, Rebecca Dutton, Sarah Lane and Rosemary Wilson.
For more details on the Governance of the DFAMAT, please visit: