Times of the School Day

All children start the school day at 8.45am - gates open at 8.35am

Children from Key Stage One and Early Years enter through the Green Gate via the Driveway.

Children from Key Stage Two enter through the gate via Bunkers Hill.

All children finish the school day at 3.15pm


Entry and Exit routes- September 2022

Start of day – 8.35am

The gates will open at 8.35am for the main school. Gates will close at 8.45am. Children who arrive after this time must report to the main Office and register there.

At 8.45am Pebbles staff will welcome in the children and families via the Green Gate.


Entry gates

End of day – 3.15pm

Staff will open the gates at 3.15pm. There will be signs to show where each class will be dismissed. Please wait for your child to be released by a member of school staff.

Exit times

Map exit