What is Seesaw?

Seesaw is an app where pupils, parents and teachers can share work and announcements/information in a safe, secure and private social network environment. Seesaw provides a safe digital learning ‘Journal’ in which children can document their learning by adding entries such as photographs, videos, drawings and notes to show what they are learning in class and at home as part of home learning activities or indeed ‘Blended Learning’. Seesaw creates a triangle of communication between teachers, pupils and parents through the use of two apps/programs: Seesaw Class and Seesaw Family. It encourages digital citizenship by showing how technology can be used in a safe and creative way

How does Seesaw work?

Seesaw is made up of one website and two apps.

The Class App  

  • Teacher posts work/activities for pupils to complete
  • Pupil posts work for their teacher to view or comment upon
  • Teacher and pupil can communicate through the app
  • Privacy settings can be adjusted to allow children to view their whole class’ work or just their own personal work

The Family App

  • Allows parents or those whose parents/guardians grant access to, to view the pupils work or journal
  • Allows parents/guardians and teacher to communicate through a private messenger or mail
  • Gives notifications when content has been added or commented upon in the class app

The Seesaw Website

This is the website version of the two apps. If accessed via the pupil or teacher setting this brings to the Class and from parent to the Family side respectively.

Access to Seesaw is gained through unique passwords and QR codes which make it a secure platform for blended learning and communication with pupils and parents. The family app requires parents/guardians to provide an email address and to verify their identity through a secure link sent to this address.