At White Cliffs Primary and Nursery School our curriculum is designed with the intent to inspire, engage, and empower young minds. With English having a pre-eminent place in education and in society, our high-quality English curriculum is a cornerstone of this vision, fostering creativity and a love for language. 

Early on in School life, through reading in particular, children have a chance to develop culturally, emotionally, intellectually and socially. Literature, especially, plays a key role in such development. Reading also enables pupils both to acquire knowledge and to build on what they already know. Reading is celebrated with our youngest children in Nursery, through the sharing of high-quality books, songs and rhymes, later in Early Years, children are introduced to our Systematic Synthetic Phonics Scheme, Little Wandle. Where children learn of develop the skills required of them to become lovers of reading in school and beyond. 

At White Cliffs Primary and Nursery School, we believe in teaching English in a way that provides our children with enriching life experiences that aim to aid the development of writing creatively and foster a passion for reading.  

Our approach to the English Curriculum involves a cross-curricular text focus, allowing children to fully immerse themselves in a topic. In Year 3, for instance, children become archaeologists on an exciting journey to excavate Tutankhamun's tomb. The hands-on experience of discovering artifacts is then translated into a captivating recount, showcasing their writing skills and historical understanding. In Key Stage 1, children gather around a campfire to reflect on the Great Fire of London. This multisensory experience sparks creativity, enabling them to craft vivid and expressive poems, enriched with descriptive adjectives. Our commitment to a holistic learning experience is evident in Year 6, where children embark on field trips that enhance their literary explorations. A visit to a local lighthouse becomes the backdrop for their study of the book "Letters to the Lighthouse," allowing them to connect classroom learning with real-world experiences. 

Through these immersive activities, our English curriculum provides learners with a solid foundation and the support they need to become active and contributing members of society. We believe in nurturing well-rounded individuals who not only excel academically but also possess the skills and confidence to navigate the challenges of the world.