At White Cliffs Primary and Nursery School we are committed to encouraging pupils' curiosity and creativity. Our curriculum is designed to inspire a love for art, while fostering critical thinking skills and a comprehensive understanding of its role in the world.

Throughout our curriculum, children are provided with a diverse range of artistic experiences that allow them to explore various mediums, techniques, and styles. We believe in nurturing each child's unique artistic voice, fostering a sense of individuality and self-expression.

Our approach emphasises the importance of critical thinking in the creative process. Children are encouraged to analyse and interpret artworks, developing the ability to express their thoughts and opinions articulately. Through this process, they not only deepen their understanding of art but also enhance their communication skills.

A central focus of our curriculum is on the historical and cultural significance of art. Children explore how art and design both reflect and shape our history. We make links between art, RE, History and Geography, as they learn about ancient cultures and civilisations. For example, in Year 6 the children focus on Henry Moore and create drawings inspired by his use of perspective. While in Year 3 the children design and create an amulet inspired by artefacts from Ancient Egypt. By understanding the evolution of artistic movements and styles, students gain valuable insights into societal changes, perspectives, and values.

In our art lessons, children engage in hands-on projects that not only develop their technical skills but also encourage them to think beyond the sketchbook. 

In Term 1 all year groups take part in an engaging, inspiring themed week, focusing on topics that are standalone and not linked to our normal sequence of Art lessons. This year we were lucky enough to work with six local artists who visited the school to work with our children. Throughout 'Art Week' the children visited local landmarks for inspiration and created art linked to them. At the end of the week we held an exhibition of the art work created by our wonderful children and artists.