At White Cliffs Primary and Nursery School, our aim is to nurture children who will become lifelong learners; excited about possibilities, challenges to be met and learning yet to be discovered. It is important that children develop a love of learning in all aspects of their life and can make links between schoolwork and work they do at home.

Although homework expectations will vary depending on the age of the child, successful homework is dependent on the support and encouragement of parents.

With already busy family lives, we understand how difficult it can be to build homework into already overcrowded schedule. However, we also know from your comments that you believe home learning and homework encourages children’s learning and positive attitude to school.

Our homework is divided into three main types:

  1. Reading and Spellings

We expect every child to read each evening. This may be a few pages of the book from school, or it could be the leaflet they picked up from the Supermarket. The enjoyment and love of reading must be fostered and encouraged at all ages.

Children will have spelling and key vocabulary lists sent home either termly or weekly depending on the age of your child. These are to be practised with the child to ensure they can read them, understand the meaning of the word and spell them correctly.

  1. TT Rockstars and Numbots

Children in Key Stage 1 and 2 have access to Numbots. A online math fluency game.

NumBots | Login

In Key Stage 2 children will need to log onto TT Rockstars online.

Children will learn and practise their timetables facts as much as possible to ensure they are fluent in each of them and can recall them quickly.

If you need any reminders about logins or further help or support, please contact your child’s class teacher via Seesaw or contact the school office.