Design and Technology

Our DT curriculum is designed to build essential skills year upon year, offering cross-curricular opportunities that enrich the educational experience. We focus on three exciting areas: 'Quality Products,' 'Textiles,' and 'Food Tech.' These themes are often intertwined with the broader term focus, creating a dynamic and engaging learning environment.

For example, in Year 3, children embark on a delightful journey as they design and create their very own chocolate bars, inspired by the whimsical world of Roald Dahl. This hands-on project not only sparks creativity but also integrates seamlessly with their term's literary exploration.

As our children progress to Year 6, they delve into history with a unique twist. Connecting with their study of wartime history, children have the extraordinary opportunity to make a meal using rations. This immersive experience brings history to life and allows students to appreciate the challenges faced during that period.

Our DT program is a testament to our commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals, fostering creativity, and instilling a lifelong love for learning. We invite you to explore the exciting world of Design and Technology at our school, where each child's uniqueness is celebrated, and their skills are cultivated year after year.

In teaching D&T, we aim to help pupils:

  • Develop their design and making skills.

  • Develop their knowledge and understanding of design and technologies.

  • Use a wide range of tools and materials.

  • Learn about working safely and protective measures.

  • Work individually and collaborate with other pupils in a variety of contexts.

  • Develop the capability to create products of a high standard through skills and understanding.

  • Evaluate products, made by themselves, their peer groups and companies.

  • Explore the man-made world and encourage discussion of how we live and work within it.

  • Develop an interest in and understanding of technological processes and the role of manufacturing in society.

  • Learn the principles of nutrition, healthy eating and how to cook.