Religious Education

White Cliffs Primary and Nursery School recognises the effect that an inclusive teaching style can have on a pupils’ progress, both inside and outside of the school environment. At our school, we provide a broad and balanced curriculum which encompasses spiritual, moral, social and cultural development, in accordance with the Kent Agreed Syllabus.

At White Cliffs Primary and Nursery School we ensure that:

• All pupils are provided with a balanced and broad curriculum which encompasses the traditions of Great Britain as well as a variety of other mainstream religions and beliefs.

• All staff members are aware of planning, assessment, teaching and learning requirements for the RE curriculum.

• All pupils know how to plan, practise and evaluate their work.

• All pupils understand all elements of RE, as per the locally-agreed curriculum.

• All pupils receive a high level of teaching which is maintained at all times.

• Community cohesion and high standards of achievement are promoted.