Fledgling Class (Reception)

Here you will find  an overview of the themes and activities undertaken each term.

Term 5

Our topic this term is 'Let it grow'.






Week 1 and 2

Term four


Topic Title: 'Out of This World'


Science week 2

Science week text

Science week 1 

Week 2

Crash landing

Term three

Topic Title: Once Upon a Fairytale


T3 maps

T3 jack and bean

T3 update

Term two


Topic Title: Party Around the World!

Nativity write up

Website info

Term one

Topic Title: Only One Me

Term highlights...

Starting school!

Art Week

Class trip to the Transport Museum 



T1W1 text

Term 6

Topic Title: Commotion in the Ocean

Term highlights...

Sports Week

Sports week for web

Topic display  


Term five

Topic: Roots, Shoots and Juicy Fruits

Term highlights:

Making and eating fruit salads!

Recreating artwork in the style of Giuseppe Arcimboldo



Fruit salad


Term four

Topic: 'Out of this World'


An alien crash landing!

Science Week

Books banner

Alien landing


Term three

Once upon a fairy tale


Term twoRec Term 2

Term one

Only one me


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