Butterfly Class and Dragonfly Class (Year 3)

Our topic this term is:

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Topic: The Wonderful World of Roald Dahl

Term highlights...

Road Safety
Holly Mills visit
Children in Need
Christmas Craft Day
Making chocolate bars

In Term 2 we have fully emersed ourselves into the ‘Wonderful World of Roald Dahl’. From creating a sweet room to inspire our setting descriptions in English, using angles and directions to plan routes to the characters in Maths and designing a chocolate bar to be made and sold at the Christmas Fair. We’re having a fantastic time!

We’ve also been lucky enough to be visited by British Athlete, Holly Mills and completed a Road Safety workshop for Road Safety Week.

Our Forces and Magnets topic has continued in science and this term we’ve been thinking more about how magnets work and using terminology such as ‘attract’ and ‘repel’.

“It’s been amazing how we’ve linked Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to maths.” - George

“I really liked designing the wrappers for our chocolate bars.” - Lana

“My favourite part was making the sweetie houses.” – Lexi



Wheres my Mummy


Topic: Ancient Egypt

Term highlights…

Art Week – Trip to St Andrews Church


We’ve kicked off the year by learning about Ancient Egypt. We started by writing a fact file using our own research from books and the internet and then began to think about the adventures of ‘Tadeo Jones’.


In Art Week we focused on ‘special items’ that belong to us and others. We visited St Andrew’s Church and thought about what is important to Christian people before we thought about what is special to us. We then created a 3D memory box inspired by the things that are important to us.




















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