Red Squirrel Class and Fox Class (Year 5)

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Topic: Titanic

Term highlights...

Creating a meal fit for a first class passenger

Who can build a ship that will encounter the least air resistance and be the fastest?

Plotting the journey of the Titanic

This term Year 5 have delved into their Titanic topic, encompassing many subjects, such as Engilsh, Science, Geography and Design and Technology. For example, in English, the children have been reading 'The Titanic Detective Agency' by Lindsay Littleson and have discovered how the author has used real events and people to develop her fictional narrative and characters. In Science, the children have considered the effect water resistance can have on ships and have created their own Titanic ships with the aim of creating the least amount of water resistance and have a faster ship as a result. In Geography, the children have used lines of longitude and lattitude to plot the journey of the Titanic. In Design and Technology, the children have designed a meal fit for a first class passenger and will be preparing, eating and reviewing this as the term progresses.

T2 bannerTopic: Mex-cellent!

Term highlights...

Future Foundry lantern workshop

Counterbalances on apparatus!

Christmas disco

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ScienceT1 bannerTopic: 'Who or Hoo?' 

Term Highlights...

Trip to the White Cliffs - "It was amazing to feel and look at the chalk. We used this in our art work." (Leighton)

"It was the first time I felt the White Cliffs. It felt bumpy and chalky." (Zachariah)


Art Week - "I really enjoyed having the artists in to help us because they showed us some amazing techniques. They have inspired me." (Ivy-Ann)

"I loved exploring what cyanotypes are and creating our own." (Kaydie)


Building suspense by adding sounds to Anglo-Saxon Boy retelling - "I felt like adding sounds meant that we changed the whole feel of the story!" (Oskar)

"It was really fun. Our result sounded really nice!" (Bethany)


Term One Pictures

This term Year 5 are reading 'The Anglo-Saxon Boy'.

We have used this story about the Anglo-Saxon to consider how the author builds suspense and have even added our own sounds to a retelling to build some suspense of our own! 

We have looked at the high level vocabulary the author has used to describe the characters in detail and have implemented these techniques into our own character descriptions.

"It is a really interesting story. It has taught us a lot about the Anglo-Saxons." (Bethany)

"My favourite character is Earl Harold Godwinson. He is a really interesting character. He is really strong and wealthy and never gives up. I wonder if he will become King." (Oskar)

"Hakon is my favourite character because he is brave, fierce and burly. He is a housecarl that delivered Magnus to his father's chamber." (Jimmie)


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