Shrimp Class and Kingfisher Class (Year 4)

Term twoTopic: 'Going for Gold!'

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Christmas Craft Day!

Olympic Games afternoon!

Christmas disco!

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Greek myths

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T2 science

T2 science 3

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ChristmasChristmas decorations

Term one

Topic: 'Bright Sparks!'

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"I liked learning about electricity. Lillian, Millie and I were able to light up a bulb in a circuit. At first we got cross because they wouldn't work but we kept trying and it worked. I enjoyed netball in PE because I liked scoring goals and working as part of a team." - Deya

"I liked it when we went into the castle and got to go into the kitchen because we got to stir the pots and see all the food. I also liked going on top of the roof, as I could see everywhere in Dover." - Edward

"I really liked it when we went to Dover Castle because you can see all the old things that were in the past. I enjoyed drawing the other side of our faces because I liked doing the different styles." - Lillian

Art Week  - Trip to Dover Castle

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