Sports Week

Sports Week:

Next week (21 – 18 June) is Sports Week.  

The children will be taking part in sporting games and activities throughout the week.

They will have a ‘mini-sports day’ with competitive sports.  Sadly, due to Covid restrictions, we are unable to invite parents and carers to this event.  I’m sure there will be lots of photos on our school website for you to see.  

Children should come to school wearing their P.E. kit every day next week.  P.E. uniform is a white polo or T- shirt and black shorts.  If the weather is cool, children can wear a plain tracksuit.

Sun Protection:

As the sun is so powerful at the moment, please apply sunscreen to your child before they come to school in the morning.

Staff will not apply sunscreen to children.  However, parents can send in sunscreen in a named bag. Children will have to apply this themselves.  They must not share sunscreen with any other child.

Please also provide your child with a named hat for when they are outside.

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