Science Week 2022

It is Science Week! This year, each year group will be taking on the role of a different job that uses scientific skills. This includes marine experts, entomologists, farmers, pharmacists, forensic experts and even doctors! The children will spend the week by putting themselves in the shoes of these workers and work scientifically by conducting a variety of practical experiments.  

As part of this, we will be sending out a ‘Home Challenge Pack’ where the children will be able to become the experts and share their learning with you at home. The activities in this booklet set children challenges using everyday equipment you may already have at home such as food tins, washing up liquid and cups. Every time a child completes a challenge (you can send in your fantastic pictures through Seesaw to your class teacher), they will receive a sticker in a ‘SuperStar Passport’.  

To celebrate the week, on Friday, we are asking that children donate £1 and come to school dressed as a ‘Super Scientist’. The money raised will be given to the Red Nose Day charity. An example of a Super Scientist costume could include any of the jobs above but please get create with it too! We cannot wait to see your ideas. 

Kind regards,  

Mr Grylls 

Science Subject Leader 

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